Website For Trial Attorneys

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re especially happy this Friday to present our latest responsive Website For Trial Attorneys.

Here at Law Promo, we’re constantly trying to improve our design capabilities and with this new design, our team experimented on color scheme and contrast in order to achieve a minimalist, yet elegant website. Since this website is geared towards trial attorneys, our team decided to go with a predominantly dark theme. The background and static photo header are black and gray.

We’ve added lighter colors to the calls to action in order to make them stand out and appear eye-catching to the visitors. The most noticeable element of the entire design is the different range of colored tiles presented below the header. Each title focuses on a certain aspect of trial law with a brief description. By placing these tiles and practice areas together, the goal is to capture the attention of the visitors and by providing a brief description we hope to achieve a higher click-through rate and site engagement.

Below these colored tiles, we’ve added the main homepage content along with photos of the attorneys. This type of responsive attorney website design promotes short-form content and pushes engagement which is perfect for trial attorneys.