Sole Practitioner Website Design

Breaking out on your own is a daring, exciting, and daunting endeavor – Sole Practitioner Website Design. While attorneys at BigLaw get a steady salary and spend most of their time working on cases, sole practitioners have a multitude of additional responsibilities, like running the office, screening clients, and marketing their name.

Bigger law firms have marketing directors who can devote all their time to increasing their firm’s visibility. They can get articles published, put on events, and possibly even keep their web presence strong and current.

As a sole practitioner, it is important not to forget that you are running a business. And any successful business requires a solid marketing strategy. One of the easiest ways of building your brand is through a website. The internet and its user base are constantly evolving and expanding. With a powerful online presence, you can reach more people more quickly than ever before.

With Law Promo, setting up a beautiful website and making your brand visible has never been easier. For more than ten years, we have been creating law firm websites for lawyers and attorneys just like you. Our skilled team of designers, developers, and marketers will work with you to get your name visible online for your location and practice areas.

Each of our websites is back by the latest law firm SEO tactics. We research and implement the appropriate keywords to help your website reach the highest rankings on all of the major search engines. Take a look at our portfolio below, and contact us today to begin designing your new website.