Website For Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Before we run out of the office to welcome the weekend, we’ll take a few minutes to introduce you to our latest responsive WordPress Website For Commercial Litigation Attorneys.

Law Promo generally prefers to use Joomla as our content management system because we feel it offers more control and an easier user interface when it comes to organizing content. We use WordPress primarily for blogs, but every now and then we’ll create an attorney website design using the WordPress CMS.

In the design featured above, we’ve implemented our new style of semi-parallax design. The primary focus of this design is to grab and hold attention, so in order to achieve that focus we’ve chosen a full-width, high-resolution image as the primary background. Visitors coming to the site will be greeted with our client’s firm name, the city background, and our client’s call to action: “Our Mission is Your Success.”By presenting a visually appealing image, our aim is to encourage visitors to explore the website.

As visitors scroll down, the next thing they’ll notice is content cards featuring a brief description of our clients’ specialties. While short-form content has been a rising trend lately, our team decided to do away with the homepage content and focus more on the services. As a result, we’ve come up with content cards. These content cards replace the homepage content altogether and get right into the services clients are most interested in. We’ve attached images associated with each practice area to increase and entice visitors to learn more about each service.

After the content cards, we’ve attached another call to action to spur visitor engagement: “Legal expertise with you in mind, your success is our mission. Contact us!” Underneath this call to action, we’ve included a contact form for submission and social media icons for our client.

Since this design is responsive, when viewed on a mobile or tablet, visitors will be greeted to a scrolling format that makes it easier to navigate the website. Our goal for this attorney website design was to create a website that would encourage and attract visitors for our client. By focusing on appealing images and a friendly navigation system, we’re confident this design will work!

That aside, we hope you have a great weekend!