Website For Corporate Lawyers

Law Promo’s latest Website For Corporate Lawyers is a responsive website aimed toward business and corporate lawyers. The design team at Law Promo has been hard at work in creating new designs that would appeal to both our clients and their visitors. The first thing you’ll notice about this design is the print-like layout our team created.

This layout provides a professional image for any corporate or business lawyer. Our team decided upon a monochrome color scheme of black and paired it with contrasting font colors that are sure to grab visitor attention.

The banner and main menu of the website are full-width and bold which allows visitors to easily locate the menu and elder viewers to read it much more easily. The header presents eye-catching images with a call to action featuring a button to learn more about the lawyers/company practices. Below the header, we’ve placed three different tiles which focus on certain pages of the website and gives the website that printer press feels.

The main content is divided into three different columns each one with its own little blurb and section. The content presentation is designed to promote short-form content since it’s been shown that most website visitors skim through content.

The columns in this website mockup describe the firm, most recent firm news and legal resources. Each column ends with a button that links to a separate page within the website for more information. The footer menu provides different social media profile icons along with law firm contact information.