Social Media Marketing

All In-House Social Media Marketing

Millions of people use social media every day. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn have connected people in ways never before possible. Why is social media a good idea for lawyers and law firms? These social networks can be used by your law firm to reach potential clients, increase word-of-mouth referrals, and promote brand visibility.

It’s likely that your clients (and competitors) are already on social media. Getting involved on different platforms and developing solid, established profiles, increase the chances of your message getting seen by as many people as possible. With social media, it’s possible to have actual conversations with potential clients and create a following that helps to grow your business.

Some of the advantages to using social media are:

• SEO: social media posts help grow links that point back to your website. Google, Bing and other search engines evaluate the number of links pointing to your site, and factor this into their rankings.
• Personal connection: Get your message across in your voice. Use social media to get involved in the community.
• Conversions: Turning site visitors into paying customers is vital to grow your business. If potential clients see some of your posts on an array of social platforms, it allows them to gain a more accurate and comprehensive image of you, giving them more confidence in choosing you to represent them.

While creating a profile on a social network is an important first step, it doesn’t stop there. If a potential client clicks on your Facebook page and sees it was created six months ago, and there’s only three posts, they won’t find any useful information and it might even turn them away from your firm altogether.

Just as important as creating a profile is maintaining its relevance. Creating quality posts, interacting with others, gaining “likes” and “shares” are all things that take time and dedication.

Social media isn’t just for fun anymore. Successful businesses and law firms are utilizing social media to its full potential. Whether your social media presence is non-existent or just lacking, Law Promo has the skills and knowledge to develop, grow and maintain all of your profiles. Get started now by calling us at 1-866-886-0548.