Website For Business Litigation Attorneys

Law Promo’s latest Website For Business Litigation Attorneys. Unlike our previous designs, this website stands out for a number of reasons.

Attorney web design companies do not design a website for their law firm clients. Instead, they design for their client’s visitors. The whole point of an attorney website is to inform and convert visitors into clients which is why designers always design for their client’s intended audience. For the design featured above, our design team wanted to create a design that would appeal to the visitors our client’s were trying to attract: financial professionals, corporate entities, and large businesses.

Our main goal was to create an attorney web design that would present our client in a professional and established light. Because of their intended audience, calls to action and general contact information isn’t as necessary as they would be on a different type of law firm website. Instead, our clients and our design team agreed that the best way to portray our client’s information was through an extended version of a printed material layout. Visitors to our client’s website would be looking for facts and answers and by utilizing the printed material layout, navigation is much more intuitive.

The content is divided into three columns like a newspaper: Practice Areas, main content, and a news feed detailing our client’s latest firm news. For the color scheme, we chose standard corporate and business colors focusing on gray and white. Our client’s firm name is written at the top left hand corner sitting atop the menu. The photo slider features high resolution images of offices and buildings that complement the overall color scheme.

The theme of this attorney website design was the phrase, “Just the facts.” Our design team wanted to provide a layout and design that would highlight our client’s informational content.