Website Design For Business Law Attorneys

Our latest attorney website design is a responsive Website Design For Business Law Attorneys. Here at Law Promo, we’re always trying to improve our designs through feedback and revisions. Nothing is ever perfect and while a design can be finalized by our team or our clients, we’re well aware that there are still significant changes that could be made. Our reason for continuing to experiment with design is because we believe that we should provide our clients and their audience a singular experience through design.

The very first thing you’ll notice about this particular law firm web design is the central alignment of the content and design elements. By placing the call to action in a large appealing font against a dimmed high-resolution image, visitors of the website will instantly take notice. The content layout is designed to enhance short-form content and keep visitors on the page longer by pairing appealing imagery with each piece of content. For example, after the initial calls to action, we’ve added image blocks with a brief practice area description that invites visitors to click and learn more information.

Beneath the blocks, we’ve placed the main content of the page. In order to keep visitors visually stimulated, we’ve changed the background to a white background and added two more calls to action in different font colors and thicknesses to guide the visitor’s reading. Below this content, we’ve added a contact form and other information such as social media accounts within the footer.

When this attorney website design is viewed on a mobile device, the page will adjust to the format of the viewing device and present itself in a scrolling layout. Text will be easily readable with a collapsible menu and the primary mobile design will focus on the color scheme rather than imagery and calls to action.