Website Design For Estate Law Lawyers

Law Promo’s newest Website Design For Estate Law Lawyers project focuses on large high-resolution images and short form content. We’ve added a new layout style to this design which we feel will appeal to Estate law practitioners and their targeted audience.

Law Promo’s been hard at work producing and experimenting on new attorney websites through color schemes and layouts. Our design team continues to study the 2015 website design trends in order to apply these trends to our websites. The website is a responsive site that focuses on strong visuals and calls to action to drive engagement.

Our team decided upon a simple color contrast theme of black and white. We’ve chosen to use a full-width layout in order to take emphasize the website’s high-resolution images. Visitor’s coming to the website will be instantly drawn to the header image and the calls to action placed atop it. The main menu and firm logo are superimposed onto the image. Content is presented in black font across a stark white background. The content area has been divided into two: the practice areas list and the homepage content.

The goal of this design is to drive visitor engagement by promoting short-form content and a strong emphasis on visuals to keep visitor attention. While the layout of this design is simple, we feel that its simplicity will benefit our clients as visitors are more likely to stay on the page and be enticed to read through the short content blurbs.