Website For Construction Law Firm

Law Promo is proud to give you a look at a Website For Construction Law Firm. This particular website will showcase our responsive website design in an elegant and bold fashion.

This responsive construction law firm site makes use of a layout and color scheme that is designed to catch the user’s eye and direct their attention to particular elements on the page. This is done by using a high level of contrast between the color of the text and the background it sits on. Strong black and white text sits above and below a slide show depicting the construction of a building at sunset. The images were selected with a strong consideration of the industry in mind. An eye-opening range of yellows and oranges pays homage to the hard hats, vests and heavy machinery, essential tools of the trade.

The website spans the full width of the screen, placing emphasis on the content while allowing the viewer to scan the page and digest information quickly. This intuitive design will allow any user, regardless of their computer literacy to find the information they need without having to roam through any digital rubble. When viewed on a mobile device, this responsive design stacks elements on top of one another vertically to accommodate all the elements on a page. Metaphorically resembling our nations big cities where developers “build up” to assemble breathtaking skyscrapers.

Our client’s reputation is proudly displayed in a manner that is centrally located on the landing page. The banner features a lineup of badges, assuring any prospective clients that this firm is accredited and trustworthy. Upon initial glance, sharp call-to-actions line up with the navigation elements like carefully placed steel beams.

This responsive attorney website is built on a strong foundation and is sure to stand the test of time. Aesthetically, this website is second to none and the functionality currently being implemented will solidify this law firm’s reputation. Check back to track the development of this masterpiece!