Website For Bankruptcy Lawyers

Website For Bankruptcy Lawyers! A law firm’s website should be professional and responsive, but also needs to catch the viewer’s attention with a certain amount of visual interest. Our latest design marries these concepts to create a website that is informative, appealing, and most importantly, functional.

A sprawling city scene is shown from above, with the lights of the city burning a fluorescent blue against the dark night sky. By using a large, expressive image for the background, you’re capturing the user while imbuing a sense of city and movement. We’ve used a light on the dark color concept that doesn’t interrupt the visual flow provided by our large photo and still maintains legibility.

This site was created for a bankruptcy lawyer. We’ve highlighted his experience with a large, strong slogan that immediately informs users of his lengthy experience working in bankruptcy courts. The use of subtle opacity helps this text stand out against the background without looking like an unwelcomed addition. We’ve also highlighted their specific practice areas in a contrasting, yet the complementary shade of deep turquoise.

This site is also fully responsive, meaning it will look great on all mobile devices and across browsers. When users search for this law firm on their phone, iPhone, iPad, or tablet, the site scales down appropriately so anyone can clearly read the text and easily see the various images that make this website so visually pleasing to the eye.