Boost your Marketing with a Blog or News

Boost your Marketing with a Blog or News! There are many different types of “blogs” out there – food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, etc. But did you know that blogs are actually incredibly powerful business tools with proven results? The savvy attorney understands the business potential a blog holds, especially for a law firm or other business that is constantly retaining new clients.

A blog is simply an informational site made up of separate entries (or posts) designed to educate the user about a specific topic. Traditionally, blogs are an informal way of providing updated information.

Today, they have a much more robust and important function – and that’s related to your search engine optimization. Google and other search engines will periodically check a website to see how new & fresh the content is – their reasoning is the newer the content, the more relevant the website will be to people. And this decision has huge implications. Your search engine ranking (or rather, how close you are to the top of the list) will determine whether or not people find your website at all!

You’ve used Google; you understand that when you search for “California Criminal Attorney” you’ll get a huge long list of websites that Google thinks will help you. Naturally, the higher you are on the list the more likely it is that someone will see your website, visit it, and eventually hire you. There is an old joke in the web design world – “Where do websites go to die? The second page of Google.” While of course, some people will click onto the second page, studies have shown that 94% of users will click on a first-page result, whereas a measly 6% will click on a result found on the second page.

So other than improving your presence in search engines, what other benefit does maintain a blog offer? It also shows your customers that you are available, active and a real law firm with real clients. When you post updates about stories related to your firm, it shows clients you are educated and staying on top of any new developments in your field of law. And more so, it gives you a strong advantage over competitors. Bringing in the highly targeted traffic that a blog provides will effectively convert you into new clients for your law firm.

So what are you waiting for?