Website Design for Litigation Law Firms

Law Promo’s latest attorney Website Design for Litigation Law Firms seeking a professional online appearance. Since this design was intended for litigation law firms, our design team decided to make use of much subtler colors. The color scheme for this site is a mixture of beige and black with colored fonts that draw attention to the darker colors.

The first thing visitors will notice about this website design is the call to action which is placed in a series of light-colored fonts against a black background.

By drawing visitor’s eyes to the call to action, the next immediate thing they’ll notice is the content within the website and our client’s practice area right below. At this point, engagement is made and the chances of staying on the page longer to find the information they need are high. The content presentation encourages active engagement by promoting short-form content and links to specific pages.

Short-form content gets straight to the facts as most visitors seeking litigation will want specific information in regards to their case. Notably missing from this website is a contact form which is added on the contact page and not on the homepage as the homepage is meant to get visitors to call in for their case.

Overall, our design team feels this attorney web design will work well for any litigation firm seeking a professional website.