Website Design for Employment Lawyer

The latest Website Design for Employment Lawyer by Law Promo is a simple, elegant design that caters to employment law firms simply looking for a professional online appearance. Learn more about our process and features of this design after the break. When creating this website, the primary focus of our design team was to provide a simple and appealing design for both clients and visitors. The layout of this website is full-width and puts a strong emphasis on clean visuals and typography.

In order to achieve this effect, we’ve split the background in half. The top half features a vibrant high-resolution image on which the menu and firm name are superimposed, while the bottom half is as white as snow. Our team decided on this background for the attention-grabbing contrast.

The content presentation starts with a simple call to action to hold attention: “Our name is easy to remember. Our work is hard to forget.” The rest of the content is divided into two parts: practice areas on the left and home page content on the right. Our designers took advantage of the white space through strategic content planning.

You’ll notice the darker font colors within the practice areas content as opposed to the home page content which is intended in order to provide visual stimulation to visitors that way they don’t get bored and leave the page.

Below the main content, we’ve added a row of logos featuring organizations and achievements for decorative and informational purposes. The row of logos is created to provide reluctant visitors the confidence to reach out and contact the law firm for help.