Dental Law Professional Law Firm Logo Design

Here at Law Promo, we are experts in attorney logo design.  Our design team has had years of experience creating professional lawyer logos for law firms all over the world.  We are proud to present our most recent Dental Law Professional Law Firm Logo Design.

Law firm websites play a vital role in attracting new clients and maintaining a strong business. However, a personalized logo is also an important tool in creating a strong brand identity.  It can be used not only on your website but also on stationery and business cards.  Your law firm logo is the first thing visitors will notice, and the thing most likely to stick with them visually when they think of your law firm.

Our client was very clear in their request for a dental law logo that only used black and white. Specifically, they asked for the full firm name to appear in the logo, and for a creative initialed monogram.  With these parameters in mind, our logo design team got to work.

After an initial concept round, the client gave further feedback and chose the displayed initial monogram.  The designers went with a serif font, for both the law firm name and title.  Though the title is displayed in smaller font size, the designers used all capitals to maintain its importance and balance it with the larger text above.

The client was very satisfied with not only the finalized logo but also the design process, as they were able to easily communicate with the Law Promo design team and make revisions as they saw fit.