Web Design for Personal Injury Attorneys

Web Design for Personal Injury Attorneys! Responsive design is the current standard for websites.  But what does it mean when a website is “responsive”? Let’s take a look at Law Promo’s latest design to explore the concept further.

Good website design doesn’t just mean looking pretty.  It also provides an intuitive user experience, so that site visitors are able to navigate the site with ease and connect with the content they are seeking in a logical way.

On desktops or laptops, users have a widescreen with which to navigate.  Take Law Promo’s design pictured above.  The firm name and contact details appear boldly at the top of the page, allowing visitors to immediately know what firm they are dealing with and get in contact should they so wish.

The full-width image gives a nice visual appeal, but also includes a large, enticing slogan and a call-to-action button strategically placed for users to learn more.  Below the image, four practice areas are clearly spaced out and include more call-to-action buttons so users can connect with the content they are seeking.

If this was not a responsive design, on smaller screens the website would retain its look, forcing users to scroll not only vertically but also horizontally.  Quite the hassle, this kind of experience can be frustrating and confusing.  Responsive designs break down the elements for optimal layout solutions, stacking items on top of each other and adjusting image and text sizes for easy vertical scrolling.

Law Promo can help develop a responsive website for your law firm that will function beautifully across devices.