Website Design For Car Accident Lawyers

Website Design For Car Accident Lawyers. Our current website design uses a full-page image overlaid with content to give a uniquely appealing presentation.

This website uses a full-page, high-resolution image to provide a striking visual base, but avoids sacrificing informative content by placing it on top of the image, using a transparent container to separate the content without interrupting the flow of the image across the page.

At the top of the page are the firm’s logo and a clear, though subtle navigation menu. A large, encouraging slogan contrasts nicely against the dark background, and a call to action prompts visitors to find out how the firm can help them.

Instead of being placed below the image, the content on this design is placed on top of it, making everything above the fold, an important thing to consider for any site’s SEO. The content area itself is nicely divided with a short firm overview on the right, and brief, summarized descriptions of the firm’s history and practice areas on the left.  The images of the car accident and emergency room help connect the website with the firm’s specialty in the field of personal injury.

On smaller devices, the large background image scales down and centers, and the navigation menu and content are rearranged for optimum spacing.

Just as the Web evolves, so too does Law Promo’s design.  We specialize in developing responsive websites that highlight the strengths of each firm.