Web Design for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Web Design for Criminal Defense Attorneys! Law Promo’s latest law firm website design is fully responsive, meaning it will look great on all devices, whether viewed on a mobile phone or desktop.

This design features a red, white and blue color scheme, giving it a patriotic kind of feel.  The firm’s logo and contact information are clearly displayed in the header, promoting brand recognition and helping users get connected.

The focal point of this design is the large, high-resolution image taking up most of the page. While landing pages featuring full-page images and little text are a big trend in web design right now, a legal website should inform as well, not just look pretty.  This design does a good job of combining the aesthetics of a full-width image with the important informational elements, integrating the practice areas into the image, rather than placing them below.

The content area contains uses the badges from legal directories, contains a firm overview, and a sidebar listing the various practice areas.

On smaller screens, the responsive design adjusts the header image to fit the width of the device, drops the practice areas below, and stacks all of the elements vertically, allowing for an easy interface and intuitive navigation.

Law Promo’s team will work with you to build a website that caters to your firm’s niche and helps to promote your visibility online.  Contact us today to get started.