Law Promo Launches Website for De Luca Levine Law Firm

Law Promo Launches Website for De Luca Levine Law Firm. A strong, attention-grabbing visual has been an important part of any website for years. Today we are excited to launch a website for de Luca Levine subrogation attorneys, which features a very unique visual on the landing page.

The image captures anyone immediately: a striking photo of a house in flames, already dilapidated from the heat with thick columns of smoke in the background. This image immediately imbues a sense of danger, loss, and emergency in the viewer. We juxtapose this with a simple phrase “Smarter is Better” in white & orange lettering on a stark black background. Using a simple slogan with a strong image creates a very strong presence for this banner and has an extreme emotional impact. Anyone who sees this will understand the very simple message right away: de Luca Levine can help you if you’ve experienced a property loss.

Directly underneath the banner, we list out the actual important content of the website, including the firm’s areas of expertise, their upcoming events, and what sets them apart. By highlighting what makes them unique in the middle of the page we ensure that viewers will read this first and understand quickly why they should hire this law firm. We’ve also included a preview of the “Our Team” page, which features a photograph of every attorney laid out in a nice grid.

Their names and titles are below their photos, which links to an individual page dedicated to just that lawyer. We’ve gone with a blue & orange color scheme, which pops against the white background and looks cohesive with the imagery on the site. With simple navigation and a clean, streamlined feel, de Luca Levine’s website looks professional and will be a great resource for their clients.