Logo for Law Firms

Logo for Law Firms. Most law firms focus their business efforts on what matters most – practicing law. However, a law firm is a business like any other, and cannot ignore its marketing efforts if they want to remain competitive. For the legal industry (and most other businesses) this begins with the creation of a logo.

A logo serves a much larger purpose to most law firms – it is your one, consistently branded message that provides consumers a visual to associate with your practice. It is used on your website, on business cards, flyers, etc.

It should be clean, simple, professional, and have some kind of connection to your business. A logo is comprised of several elements, usually including a graphic element, colors, and fonts. The graphical element can be any visual that relates to your practice; perhaps a gavel, scales of justice, or another image that reminds the average person of the justice system. Many lawyers prefer to use their initials as the visual element, which is a safe choice that still maintains a professional attitude.

Font and color selection are the other two elements of logo design that need to be carefully considered. Fonts can impact people in different ways, but there are some standard guidelines to follow when selecting the right font, for example, the distinction between serif and sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts are generally used in the legal industry as they include additional embellishments on each letter – for example, the little wisps of detail you might see on a capital “T”. Sans-serif fonts on the other hand appear more modern and casual, and do not include any small details on the lettering.

Both can be appropriate, though the professional and detailed look of serif fonts are more popular among attorneys. Aside from font selection, the colors you choose may have some very strong implications. For example, a family law attorney might choose to go with blue which inspires calm, clarity, and trust. Similarly, a securities attorney might go with gold & silver, the traditional colors of money & finance. It is important to try a variety of combinations to see what works for your business specifically.