Responsive Website Design for Corporate Law Attorneys

Responsive Website Design for Corporate Law Attorneys! As you may have already noticed, we are in the process of developing new fully responsive sites for niches within the legal industry. This particular design is for attorneys specializing in corporate law and takes a unique approach to the landing page layout.

The landing page is a modified, re-invented version of some of the many corporate law firm sites we’ve launched over the years. Our focus with this design was to simplify and magnify simultaneously. Less visual noise allows for larger and bolder elements on the page that captivate without distracting visitors.

A block header with the company logo centered sets the tone and immediately makes a statement. Social Icons sitting to the left break tradition without creating a need for users to re-learn or adapt to a non-cliche layout. In the top right corner are the e-mail and phone numbers that open up default applications to contact the firm directly. The navigation is simple, with text in capital letters and each link equidistant from the next.

This landing page is by no means symmetrical, but the pseudo-symmetry created by the positioning of elements is pleasing to the eye. A crisp hero image of an attorney in their library feels appropriate. The framing of the photo illustrates their hands-on approach, pun intended. Sitting over the hero image is a powerful declaration, a statistical blurb, and a call-to-action prompting the visitor to request a free case evaluation. As the user scrolls down, they will be greeted by a clean grid with each section seamlessly lining up with neighboring content.

Again, strong contrast and limited palate prove effective in wowing visitors. The darker backdrop appeals to emotion and says that this firm means business. Serious and straight to the point, this design is a reflection of the practice. With the growing appreciation for online identity and brand, the public will remember this site as the design was very carefully thought out, with the intention of leaving a lasting impression. Check back to see how the rest of the site unfolds.