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Onu Law Firm fights to protect copyrights and make sure that you have the proper representation to enforce your copyright.

The attorneys not only fight for your copyrights, but also give advice regarding all the various steps regarding copyrights.

We can help acquire a copyright registration so you can quickly license your copyright. Then we help you come up with the license agreements to make sure you maximize your intellectual property. If you are running across problems regarding copyrights, you should reach out so you can make sure that you are taking the right steps towards your copyright.

Contact the Onu Law Firm for help regarding copyright matters, so they can do their best in helping you.

Mitch Onu, Attorney

The principal owner of The Onu Law Firm is Mitch Onu. He focuses on variety of cases regarding transactional and litigation in regards to intellectual property, employment, and business matters.

He has many experiences in dealing legal systems regarding business, intellectual property, and employment. He’s practiced in federal courts as well as state courts.

He doesn’t only provide help in legal situations, he also gives legal advice to businesses who need counseling and help emerging.

Mitch was an associate for a large Alameda-based firm before he opened up his own law firm. At San Mateo and Santa Clara District Attorney’s office, he once served as a clerk.

In 2003, he received his undergraduate degree from University of California. Then he went to University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Currently, he services in many civic and charity related organizations. He, his wife, his daughter, and his two dogs live in Northern California.