Los Angeles Real Estate Law Web Design

When your clients first land on your page, there should be no confusion on which practice areas you serve as your main focuses.

As soon as your viewers enter, the sepia tones of the sliding pictures creates an earthiness to the website. That means as soon as prospective clients enter, they can feel grounded by your visuals. Sepia tones also provide a feeling of reliability and strength in your viewers (at least psychology tells us). Hey, it may even make them feel like it is natural to hire you.

Following the natural tone of the web­design, the content is also set in a very logical way. After all, logic is what clients seek in their lawyers. But you provide information in a way that the viewers feel like they have control over all the content they want to see by having a double menu embedded at the top of your website. Keep your clients in a tranquil state, while you keep up the good work and kick ass for them.