Bankruptcy Law Office Responsive Website

Our latest work is Bankruptcy Law Office Responsive Website. We’ve started with a large profile image, immediately showing clients a picture of their future attorney. Including the image of a real person instills trust in the user and makes them feel that immediate, personal connection.

In the background is a photo of a glass building with soft blue tones and clean, sharp lines imbuing the feeling of professionalism. You’ll also notice the background is independent of the attorney’s photo, which provides an attractive, modern visual effect. Embracing current web design trends will provide users with trust, credibility, and confidence in your abilities to represent them.

We also wanted to bring attention to the firm’s powerful slogan. Using consistent color tones, the slogan is a soft yellow which provides enough contrast from the rest of the site to stand out and grab attention. Our background graphics utilize transparency to provide a soft, visually appealing effect that doesn’t detract from the background.

In the header (at the very top of the site) we’ve included a large grey logo that stands in sharp contrast to the deep aqua background. There is also a very clear call to action, which tells users to call for a free consultation. The use of light greys and thoughtful green/blue shades immediately makes users feel calm, and inevitably invited to explore more of the website.

The navigation bar is a deep blue which provides a clean aesthetic and makes the website easier to use. We’ve also included three specialties in bankruptcy law to highlight below the attorney photo. Using gradients and icons which fit into our color scheme, we’ve also included a transparent black bar to provide a more appealing layout.

The most important feature of this website is that it is responsive. In 2015, there is no doubting that a large portion of users will access or search for your site on a mobile device (iPhone, Ipad, Android phones, etc). When viewed on such a small screen, most websites aren’t even legible; our responsive websites look great and are easy to use on all mobile devices.