Our law firm website is up, what’s next?

Things You NEED to Do After Launching Your Website

It’s what you do after your law firm website launches that really matters.

– Add more content
– Enable caching to reduce loading speeds significantly.
– Configure Google Analytics
– Set up the XML sitemap file
– Set up Google Search Console
– Spread the Word on Social Media

At Law Promo, we offer a maintenance service, if you have signed up for our maintenance services, you’ll be able to get free updates to your website whenever you provide us with fresh content for your website.

You also will need to monitor the website traffic, analyze the keywords that are being used to reach your website so you can write content accordingly.

You’ll also want to find out where and what time of the day the traffic is high as well as when it is low, so you can begin to improve the traffic flow.

You also will need to monitor any emails or requests that are submitted by the visitors of your website and reply them as soon as possible. This will help brand your business as a reliable and timely one.

Building a website is only the first step in developing an online presence. In order to boost visibility and gain more traffic to your site, online marketing is a necessity. Law Promo’s expertise, resources and strategies have enabled us to achieve significant results for law firms all over the world.

Law Promo is the one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. From developing your site into an SEO wrecking-ball to promoting your content across profiles and platforms, we provide solutions unique to each client. Contact us today at 1-866-886-0548 to see what we can do for you.