5 misconceptions of Law Firm Website Design

You’ve just branched out on your own and started your firm

It’s been a little hectic as you’ve hit the ground running, but things have finally settled down. You’re situated, you have a rhythm going, and you have client referrals coming in for more business. You feel it’s time to start marketing your services online and decide to buy an attorney website design to enhance your profession and take advantage of the internet. 5 misconceptions of Website Design!

1) Any website is better than not having one.

It’s true that having a website helps increase your visibility online, but just having any old website doesn’t mean it’s better than not having one. Think of your website as your first impression.

Your law firm website is a reflection of yourself online. A poor design that doesn’t appeal or engage visitors will only harm your reputation and at that point it’s better to not have a website because your reputation and practice are just getting damaged.

2) It’s cheaper to do it yourself

Yes, it’s true that it is cheaper to create your own attorney web design. After all, there are tons of free resources and cheap alternatives. If you’re knowledgeable about website design and search engine optimization practices, then great! However, if you don’t know anything about website design and seo practices, then you’re just wasting your valuable time and you’re better off hiring a professional attorney web design company to take care of it for you.

Web design and search engine optimization are complex procedures. You have to know what will appeal to your intended audience. You have to know how to reach your audience with your content. You have to know how search engines work and how your website will be ranked. While it may be cheaper to do it yourself, if you have no experience or knowledge with website design, make the leap and hire a professional.

3) Fill in all empty spaces

One of the more common design misconceptions we get is to leave no empty spaces on the webpage; however, no empty spaces would only lead to a cluttered design that would turn visitors away. Empty spaces allow visitors to focus on the content presented and it’s a nice aesthetic touch. It’s also easier on the eyes.

4) Redesign is unnecessary

Another common design misconception is the belief that your attorney website design will last you for years to come. On average, a website has a life expectancy of 3-5 years. Design trends change and if you want to stay competitive in your field, you’ll have to keep up with the times.

5) Having a website will bring in more clients

Lastly, the biggest misconception we have is the belief that having a website means more clients will come flocking to your business and contacting you. Think of your website like one of those billboards you see as you drive to your office. Your website has the potential to bring in more clients because of the visibility it gives your business, but like those billboards, just because you see them doesn’t mean people will automatically contact you.

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