Website Design for Personal Injury Lawyers

Your law firm’s website needs to make an impact and brings the results. Since your law firm website is the first point of contact for your prospects. It needs to establish your credibility and convince them you’re the right one. We’ll leave you all with our latest Website Design for Personal Injury Lawyers. This design is a new take on an old concept.

Law Promo has been busy making new designs for clients and for fun. While designing these new websites, our design team thought about bringing our traditional attorney website layouts into the modern era. We didn’t want to deviate too far from the traditional layout, so our team carefully reconstructed what they felt would be a modern take on the traditional layout.

We’ve gotten rid of the banner and superimposed the logo and firm name within the background of the website. The main menu hovers a little over the header and is designed with 3D in mind as it appears to have a “pop” effect. The header is flat in order to provide contrast and focus attention on the content of the website. Like other headers, it provides a static image along with a call to action to spur visitor engagement within the website. Content is presented underneath the header in two columns: practice areas and page content.

The primary difference between this modern take and our traditional print layout is how each important section of the website seemingly floats atop the other rather than staying connected. It’s a small, subtle change our design team felt wouldn’t be such a drastic change but would stay true to the traditional design.

Our exceptional customer service is all about you – We love answering all inquires in a quick and thorough manner, with minimal technical jargon for clear understanding.

We know law firms are busy. We offer a robust web-hosting and maintenance plan so you can focus on your firm while we worry about the website. In addition, we utilize a reliable, user-friendly content management system that allows you the option of updating the website at your convenience.