Website Design for Auto Accident Lawyers

Website Design for Auto Accident Lawyers. Our latest website design and development project is for a Pacific coast-based law firm specializing in auto accident representation. The site design stays on-trend, with a focus on simple, clean design. The site also adheres to the latest web principles and standards.

With a shift in modern website design to “minimal, content-driven websites,” this website aims to provide users with quick, easy-to-find access to all their questions and inquiries. The home page outlines the extensive experience the client has in the auto accident field and reiterates it in several areas on the page to showcase their strength on the subject. The company’s brand is rooted in its experience and the inherent trust that comes with many years of expertise in the auto accident law industry.

Imagery featured on the home page design is simple, inviting and consistent with the law firm’s Pacific region. The color theme utilized also purposefully blends well with the imagery and helps create a consistent look and feel for the site layout. The opaque navigation header works well with the background image and the use of blue is repeated throughout the site for consistency and symmetry. Web copy is also placed with a semi-transparent box underneath to increase readability.