Website Content Optimization For Law Firm

As much as SEO helps your website gain visibility, it is not more important than making your website appealing to human beings.

Visitors are the ones who need your legal services- not robots. In addition to being easy to navigate, your law firm website needs to have content that shows why viewers should chose you over your competitors. How can you show your clients that you are there to help them? Fortunately, by using one of our website designs crafted to answer that question you’ll have a much better chance of winning viewers over than with a business card or a telephone listing.

One of the fundamentals of successful marketing copy is to focus it on the client, not just on your business. Your credentials and statistics of your past success should be posted on your marketing materials, but people want to see more than that.

They want to know how your background and experience can help their current situation. In-depth examples of how you helped past clients can sometimes be better than statistics. How did you successfully support a client through a legal case? How did that client fare after your victory?

Examples of experiences potential clients can relate to like client testimonials are much more helpful than just numbers and credentials

When you receive glowing testimonials, utilize them to benefit your business. It looks way better to have the full client narrative in a section of your website than to have a blurb here and there in all of your law firm marketing materials.

If you have clients who are satisfied enough to find time to write a narrative about a case you helped them with, it really makes a mark with future potential clients. Make sure you give your past clients a chance to provide testimonials!