Tips on a Great Law Firm Homepage

Here at Law Promo, we understand the importance of a great first impression especially when it comes to law firm web design.

Your website only has a few seconds to show a visitor it is worth their time to find out whether you can help them. Law Promo’s state-of-the-art web development principles are proven to capture the viewer’s attention. From our years of dedication to serving law firms, we know the factors that motivate visitors to establish a point of contact.

Since 2004, over 3,000 lawyers have made Law Promo the sole solution to their web design and online marketing needs. Top ranked law firms rose to the top on much more than traditional word-of-mouth references. The client growth Law Promo’s websites have provided law firms underscores our long history of building innovative websites. We continue to thrive because our clients continue to expand their businesses with our services.

In the world of online marketing, great first impressions are a must since second chances are rare to come by. A professional website is a great investment, but it takes more than design to woo new clients. You must have the content to back up your website because design and content go hand-in-hand. In today’s post, we’ll give you tips on a great homepage.

1) Identify Theme & Goal

In order to create a great homepage and law firm web design, you have to first identify a theme or a goal for the page. The theme should reflect what you practice and advertise while the goal should reflect what it is you want your visitor to do. A common and safe practice is to simply provide a short introduction of your firm and services. Lately, we’ve found an increasing trend of minimalist approaches to homepages. This minimalist approach involves an eye-catching graphic and a list of services. Some minimalist approaches forego any content and simply show photos or graphics. The theme is present in the photos and the goal is accomplished by subtly encouraging the visitor to click through the website.

2) Call to Action

Whether it’s told through photos or through writing, a call to action is a must for any homepage. A call to action lets your website visitor know what your law firm web design is all about. It evokes a sense of urgency and a sense of confidence.

3) Easy Navigation

Your homepage, like your website, should NOT be cluttered. Everything should be laid out in front of the visitor. They should not have to go digging all over the place to find what they’re looking for. A great homepage will be easy to navigate.

Keep these tips in mind when you set out to create your homepage! Design and content go hand-in-hand, so make sure both complement each other. At Law Promo, we’ve been creating law firm websites for over ten years now, and we know a good homepage when we see one.

If you have any questions about our attorney web design services, feel free to contact us!