Using Color In Your Website

Whether you are designing a new website or maintaining an existing one, always remember to pay special attention to the importance of Using Color In Your Website.

Color matching your logo and branding is a great first step. Repeating the logo colors, even subtly, can be a great way to reinforce your company logo and corresponding colors. Any colors you use in other company pieces such as print materials or other online materials can be a great style connection. Something as simple as using a red trim or border within your website that matches your logo can be effective in reinforcing the brand colors.

Consistency rather than many colors
For simplicity’s sake, you might want to stick with a maximum of three of the primary colors in your company brand throughout your website. Less is often more and even using two of the main colors throughout, accompanied by a lot of white space can have a huge impact on users recognizing and remembering your brand. A site that uses fewer colors means the user can recollect your colors more effectively. Using a number of various colors can confuse the user and ultimately make it hard for brand recognition of your company.

Matching web elements such as buttons and link colors to your brand can be an effective way to reinforce the company brand. As well, matching items such as the site navigation and footer to the brand can work well for consistency in the web design.

Every page and every element on a website affects your user’s perception of your site. Something as simple as color consistency is one basic way to keep a uniform look for your site design. Successful color consistency can install a sense of trust and comfort in your user, which is never a bad thing.