Do People Really Look for an Attorney Online?

Do People Really Look for an Attorney Online? The importance of a law firm having a professionally designed attorney website can’t be undervalued. Today, it is essential and absolutely critical to have an online presence and an easy method for potential clients to contact your firm and find out about the services that you offer.

The days of searching in a Yellow Pages or business directory are reaching a close. People today visit websites and do online searches as their primary means to acquire a lawyer. Not advertising your firm online can be extremely detrimental to your business.

Not only do you need a website, but you need a well-designed, functional website. Many searches are now done via mobile phone and so you need to keep this in mind when designing your website layout. Your website, and all its various elements, should look great – from tablet to mobile to desktop.

In terms of components, your website can possess so many important elements: a resume, online portfolio, contact, social media repository, blog, and the list goes on. Your website can be the one-stop-shop for potential clients; don’t miss out on business, make sure you have a great website!

Law Promo has a number of custom website designs available for all the various types of attorneys and their practice areas. We are dedicated to making your firm “stick out from the crowd” and we have the experience to provide you with a great law firm website at a highly competitive price. Our website design packages cover the gamut of design options, from great-looking, responsive template-based WordPress designs to fully customized website designs.