Mobility First and How it Affects YOUR Business

Mobility First and How it Affects YOUR Business. In the past, websites could be designed exclusively for desktop. Today, designers face the challenge of designing websites to fit a plethora of device sizes: smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, as the list continues to grow and expand.

A new movement of design now focuses on designing websites for mobile-first and foremost – using mobile as the benchmark for the other design sizes. Part of the beauty of this approach is the simple and clean design for a mobile device can be transferred over esthetically to bigger devices. Even though a desktop or laptop has larger screen real estate, the design fundamentals of simple, clean design can be emulated across all sizes. By utilizing grid-based design principles, web page elements can conform and adapt to different screen sizes, all the while not impacting the user experience. Mobility-first design and responsive design offer the user a much better browsing experience than the websites of old. Visiting an unresponsive website and having to pinch and zoom in and out can be very tedious, as more and more sites become responsive, so too will customer frustration with websites not designed for mobile.

Website visitors want a simple, easy-to-use website – luckily mobile-first design is dedicated to this same end result. Users may base their experience with your website on their phone and not on their experience with it on their computer at home or at work. Small screens demand more concise design and properly sorted information. Are they able to find information quickly and clearly? Can they easily navigate between pages and the navigation bar on mobile?

It has never been a better time to design and layout your websites in a user-friendly design manner. An easily navigable site will always trump a website filled over-excessively to the brim with information, most of which a user neither reads nor cares about. Always try to keep it simple and make it easy, for the sake of your clients, visitors and customers.