Law Firm PR

Law Firm PR – how to increase your firm’s media exposure? The press release is an important marketing tool because it is your main form of communication with the media.

A major point to remember when writing a press release is that you must give the media a reason to care about the story. It’s vital that someone with exceptional writing skills create the content, ensuring the finished product has the correct vocabulary and structure to incite interest. Avoid “PR spam” and keep your credibility high by only releasing newsworthy stories.

Law Promo will use each press release to give your law firm opportunities in both national and local broadcast media and in some of the most respected print publications in the business world. We work closely with a leading PR firm that can help distribute your press release to the proper media outlets looking to cover the next big story.

Whether your story is general or specific, Law Promo and our public relations experts will assist you in finding the right place for your story. Don’t worry if you’re a sole practitioner or a new law firm. Our PR firm will use their knowledge and connections to get your story the attention it deserves, no matter your size or name recognition. As your media exposure broadens, more potential clients will want to check out that new website you worked so hard with us to perfect – contact us now at 1-866-886-0548.