Are You Creating Meaningful Content?

In the current digital marketplace, professionals across many different fields and specialties compete for limited space on the coveted 1st Page of Google. While the goal is to be found and generate business, the means by which you achieve that goal are often ambiguous.

After all, Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new phenomena and because of the dynamic nature of it’s application and function, it is always changing. While this is the case, the most stable and powerful element to any online marketing campaign is quality content.

For Sole Practitioners and Firms alike, content can mean advice for your prospective clients, educational information or even specifics on the services you offer. How this content is structured and presented will determine just how beneficial it is in regards to your online visibility. Content should be written with Search Engine algorithms in mind while still focusing on your main audience, human visitors.

A strong organic campaign with a genuine motive (educating the public) will naturally benefit your business. By trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, you risk succumbing to poor practices such as keyword abuse and even worse, leaving a poor impression on the visitors who come to your site looking for information. A prospective client will come to your site with expectation, an expectation that they will read something informative, clear and articulate. Do just that and place keywords where they are appropriate and you will reap the benefits in the long haul.

It is important to remember that Content should be published consistently over the course of time. As your site matures add more information when it is appropriate. Publishing a plethora of information in a short period of time and then leaving your site alone for 8 months is the equivalent of planting a garden without watering or feeding your plants nutrients. Add to your garden slowly at a sustainable rate and eventually, you’ll enjoy the benefits of prosperity.