Johnson Petrov LLP Website

Law Promo is proud to announce our latest launch for Johnson Petrov LLP Website, a Houston, TX-based law firm that specializes in real estate, finance, public law & development. The landing page features an intuitive layout that is conducive to finding the information you need without having to sift through pages and pages of content. For this site, a range of blues is effective in creating a strong contrast that showcases the firm’s practice areas.
A slideshow beneath the navigation bar cycles through images of commercial and residential projects with semi-transparent boxes laid over the photos, stating the firm’s areas of focus and principles.

Contact information for the firm is located in the header directly above the link to the Contact Page. Picking up the phone to schedule a consultation is just as easy as submitting a request via the secure form on both the contact page and home page.

The contact page itself uses google maps with the firm’s address pre-set as the destination, making the drive to the office painless. Each member of the firm has an attorney profile on the “Meet Out Professionals” page with a link above their biographies that opens up their personal contact information in the event you’d like to reach them directly. Since Johnson Petrov LLP is so community-oriented, a series of educational links empower the user by providing them with access to the information they need. Overall, this attorney website is sharp, highly legible, and easy to navigate.