Intellectual Property Matters – Onu Law Firm

Intellectual Property Matters – Onu Law Firm. If you are making new intellectual property and need strategies, or perhaps you need litigation for an intellectual property dispute, The Firm is here for you.

All matters concerning intellectual property are familiar to us, including but not limited to trade secret, copyright, trademark, counseling related to copyright, and other such issues.

Much of what we do is related to securing, protecting, and managing intellectual property rights for our clients, in addition to crafting agreements with others to maximize the value of their property.

Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients:

– Trademark & Copyright Infringement
– Patent Litigation
– Domain Name Infringement and Cybersquatting Dispute Resolutions
– Copyright Registration, Protection and Enforcement
– Filing and Registration with the California Secretary of State
– Canada, Madrid Protocol & Foreign Filings
– Domain Name Registration, Protection and Enforcement
– Trade Secret & Confidentiality Agreements
– False Advertising & Defamation Disputes
– Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Claims
– Licensing, Development and Distribution Agreements
– Litigation to enforce Intellectual Property Rights
– Privacy Issues
– Technology Transfer and Licensing
– Joint development and Web development agreements
– Right of Publicity agreements
– IP Asset Selection and Clearance Advice