Intellectual Property Law Attorneys Website Design

Today we are giving everyone a sneak peek of one of our website designs currently under development. It’s an intellectual Property Law Attorneys Website Design for attorneys who deal with issues related to IP law, like trademarks & copyrights. This niche area of law requires a website design that both relays the professionalism of the law firm and also speaks to their practice area. Our designer used a blue & white color scheme, which is popular in the design world as it creates a sense of trust, loyalty, and wisdom.

You’ll also see this blue tone used in the main hero image, a photograph of a cityscape as seen from a large body of water. The image of water imbues a sense of tranquility and gives a large visual element to the home page, which will lead to fewer “bounces” – users will spend at least an extra few seconds on this site due to the striking, comforting visual. Scientific studies have even proven that simply looking at a photograph of water will calm a person’s anxiety. Similarly, you often see these types of photos in medical offices – most people feel anxious about their medical issues, and these images are intended to help calm their fears.

The layout of this site was designed to be both visually captivating while also creating an optimal user experience. Law firms & lawyers who work in Intellectual Property law need websites that are easy to navigate and include pertinent information about the firm “above-the-fold” of the website – this means the initial area most users see before scrolling down. You’ll notice underneath the large hero image we’ve used three informational boxes on an inverted color scheme to draw attention to some of the firm’s goals, experience, and expertise.