Business and Contract Law Firm Website Design

Law Promo is pleased to show off a new Business and Contract Law Firm Website Design. This cozy, responsive site is designed to make you feel at home. Here’s why.

Our law firm client wanted to convey that, while his law firm was small, they had the experience and chutspah to negotiate, draft and execute legally enforceable agreements. We conveyed this through the slogan on the top slider “Bigger is Good. Smarter is Better”.

Some lawyers fail in their website marketing by being too unique. They use flashy photos, apps, and widgets. They try to find graphics that have never been used before. But this often causes more confusion than comprehension.

In this design, we used the tried-&-true gavel as the first image on the slider. Its walnut tones informed the overall site’s color pallette – mostly brown, red, black, and white. And let’s face it. You see a gavel, a courthouse, a pillar, blind lady justice and you immediately get it: this is a lawyer’s webpage!

So you chose a boring image everyone else uses? That’s lame

Yes, we did, and we’d do it again. If you saw a stop sign that was blue and shaped like a 5-cornered star, what’s the likelihood you’d roll right through the intersection? Even if it still read “STOP”, you probably wouldn’t recognize it was a stop sign.

To give potential clients the sense they’ve come to the right place, we put the practice areas on the lower-left side below the banner. And since they are looking for counsel to handle their sensitive documents and businesses, we maintained this “cozy” look throughout the site. Based on our lawyer’s desire, we employed a design that says “Come in, have a seat by the fire, and let’s talk”