Choosing a Domain Name For Your Firm

Choosing a Domain Name For Your Firm is an important facet of branding your business online and helps shape your online identity. A domain name identifies your website and therefore should be succinct and easy to remember.

Your domain name reflects your business and the types of services you supply. If you have one particular area of focus, you can even make your domain name reflect this (e.g. Generally, though, firms use their company name as the domain name. Consider your domain your trademark and plan accordingly. Once you begin to use your domain you are branding and building searches based on this, so make sure that you are happy with the name. A domain name should be short and to the point. Avoid dashes or several words if possible and keep it easy to remember.

The longer a domain name is, the less chance you have that a user will remember it. Law firms often use their firm name or an acronym of the firm. The easier the better is a good rule of thumb for domain names. If you decide to choose a domain based on search engine optimization, you could use a domain such as as a means to find a higher ranking in searches based on searches for those particular keywords. Firms looking to expand clients can use a domain like to reach out to new prospects. Otherwise, if you want to showcase your firm and brand based on your own office, choosing a domain with your firm name is also a great way to help advertise yourself online.

Once you have decided upon a great domain name, and it is available, it’s time to design a great website to showcase to your audience. Law Promo not only designs and maintains excellent websites, but we can provide Search Engine Marketing services to help your website with great reach and rankings online.