Why Law Firms Need a Web Presence

Why Law Firms Need a Web Presence. The question might no longer be “Why don’t you have a website?” but instead, “How can you not have a website?” With more than 97% of Americans with internet access, websites today have an inherent ability to help your firm reach existing clients and acquire new clients.

When people require the services of an attorney, the internet is now the first place they will search. Once on a website, their experience, whether positive or negative, makes all the difference in converting a potential visitor to a new client. A frustrated website user is a lost user, one that will most likely leave your website. Ensuring your website is fast, easy to find online, and responsive to different viewing experiences is of the utmost importance.

Law Promo takes all of this into account when designing our law firm websites. Our sites are built responsive, so they look as good on a mobile phone or tablet device as they do on a desktop or laptop computer. Our websites load fast and in accordance with the latest SEO principles. This adoption of thoughtful SEO practices in design helps to raise the rankings of a website in search engines. We have designed hundreds of law firms and have great input on what users want for content on their websites and more importantly what their clients want when they visit the site.

Another way to further cement your online presence is to regularly contribute to a company blog on your website. Law Promo can help integrate a blog into your website and this is another great way to engage consumers and both educate the public on topics as well as help build your online reputation as a great resource for people when searching for a lawyer.

Online advertising continues to grow and overtake other methods of reaching clients. By combining online advertising with a great website product, you can help grow your business and maintain great relationships with existing clients. Law Promo can help you with this today.