Branding for Law Firms

Branding for Law Firms! Branding is a term you may or may not have heard thrown around while planning a marketing strategy for your law firm. Branding is the process of developing a unique identity for your business that differentiates you from competitors and other legal offices.

There should be an idea, concept, or purpose that consumers associate with your business – good branding will evoke that message through the use of visuals, language, and other media. A good starting point for most law firms is to ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Who are my clients? What will attract them?
  • What type of law do I retain the most clients for?
  • Who are my major competitors and what does their brand strategy look like?

Your brand should be a representation of your practice and what you do, but it should also help distinguish you. The first step in the branding journey for most law firms is creating a unique logo that stays true to the brand identity you want to portray. For example, most attorneys don’t want to use the comic sans font or an image of a rainbow in their logo – consumers just don’t associate that font or that imagery with serious litigation matters. Conversely, you shouldn’t be too generic. If you have a major competitor in your area that advertises with bright red billboards, you’d do best to stay away from branding your firm with bright red. There are many factors to take into consideration, but hopefully now you have a better understanding of how to begin your marketing journey.