Why is Social Media Important for My Law Firm?

Why is Social Media Important for My Law Firm? While most people think of social networking as a way to keep up with family and friends (or show off what you had for breakfast), in 2015 it has become so much more. With millions of users every single day, ignoring this marketing outlet is no longer an option for business owners. In fact, the most successful lawyers & law firms have active accounts across all the most important social media websites.

If businesses want to remain competitive it is necessary that they not only add their business profile on all the top social media sites but also maintain those profiles and keep them updated with fresh content. Additionally, it’s important to understand how each unique channel works – who its users are, the type of content they’re after, and the benefits their engagement could bring to your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin – with so many sites and them all looking so different, where should you start? Even more puzzling, how do you set it all up? Many business owners don’t realize there is actually a very wrong way to create and maintain a social media account, and when done incorrectly can harm your business’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Luckily, the team at Law Promo has over 10 years of experience executing online marketing strategies for law firms and sole practitioners. We understand what Social Media sites you should be on, how often to update them, what to update them with, and how to keep a strong presence as the leading law office in your specialty.