Responsive Website is a Necessity For Attorneys

There’s a reason why everyone is trying to get a responsive website. Or maybe you’re sitting there wondering “What is a responsive website?”.

A responsive website is a website that remains the same no matter what device it is being viewed on. But a responsive website means more than just a mobile-friendly website. It’s content, images, and structure are constructed so that you won’t have to have a new website designed for every device used by all of your prospective clients.

If the explanation and statistics above aren’t enough to convince you that having a responsive website is important, hopefully we’ll change your mind after reading this blog post. There are other advantages of having a responsive website besides increasing your prospective client’s experience on your website.

Google has spoken. They prefer responsive websites because it’s easier for them to index. They also state that it’s the best way to make a website mobile-friendly. Also, a responsive website will make it easier for Google to index it. Who doesn’t like someone who will make their job less complicated? Google appreciates user-experience and when you make it easier for them.

Don’t forget, they have 67% of search market share. You probably want to listen to their advice or recommendation so you can get the best rankings on their search engine.

Also, when you opt for a responsive website, you can run one SEO campaign instead of running a campaign for each separate website you create. Contact us today at 1-866-886-0548 to start seeing a difference.