The Seattle Employment Discrimination Law Website

Today, Law Promo launched The Seattle Employment Discrimination Law Website, the site for Employment Lawyer Mark Lee. This site makes great use of opacity and transparency in its design, supported by a wood texture background that blends in well with the content. The header contains the vivid firm logo as well as pertinent contact information and the site navigation.

Following this is a bright skyline view of Seattle, the practice area for this firm. The home page contains a great synopsis of the firm’s mission statement as well as a contact form and introductory video of the firm. The sidebar is repeated throughout the site as quick way to reach out and contact the firm.

The site also integrates a blog into its design and is a great way to connect with both existing and future clientele.

The footer contains the logo and other important firm information overlaid on a transparent container element. This site is a simple, clean design pattern that outlines all the required information in an easy-to-find and approachable manner.