The Law Offices of Wesierski and Zurek LLP

The Law Offices of Wesierski and Zurek LLP! Every website should be rich with content; there should be enough information and effective imagery to educate, stimulate, and answer any of the viewer’s potential questions. Today we are launching a website for Wesierski & Zurek LLP, an established firm with multiple locations in California.

This website follows the traditional standard of including a powerful Hero in the form of a slideshow, featuring photos of the attorneys and their office. A powerful slogan is also included next to each slideshow photo, reminding users they will receive high-quality, aggressive representation should they choose this firm. A unique feature of this slideshow is the “Recent Results” box on the right, which brings attention to their recent results and events.

This element animates as the results continuously scroll up, revealing the next entry. The eye is sure to be drawn to this moving page element, so including it inside the slideshow in an attractive way ensures it won’t be missed. As you scroll down the home page, there is a short introduction to the firm followed by 4 boxes with a list of Practice Areas, current news items, recent blog posts, and a “contact us” form.

What sets this website apart from competitors is the amount of rich, useful content that exists. They include several pages which describe the firm’s goals, their company profile, community events, and even a message from their managing partner. They also include descriptions for each of their 19 practice areas and separate profiles for each attorney. In addition, they have several pages of publications, newsletters, and most uniquely, trial results.

While many attorneys will include case results on their website, Wesierski & Zurek LLP are effectively highlighting their extensive history of trial results with a separate section of the site dedicated to their many victories in court. Websites exist to provide information to consumers; This website excels in providing useful content, and is sure to see many customers coming from their website. To see the full website please visit Wesierski & Zurek LLP.