Targeting Keywords: The Importance Of Content

SEO has become one of the most sought after services for any business with an online identity.

While the goal is to generate more business, the strategy entails researching competition in your area (practice & geographical region) and devising a plan to solidifying your presence atop frequently executed search queries for the service provided.

It is much easier said than done and in order to have any success, you’ll have to recognize that ‘Content is (still) King’. The days of dropping links all over the web shamelessly and achieving favorable results have come and gone.

Simply put, the purpose of the search engine is to display what the person entering the search terms asked for. Over the years, search engines have refined their algorithms in order to promote the integrity of search results. The major search engines care about their reputation just as much as an attorney does which is why they want to provide the most valuable information to those who use their service.

The most essential component to any SEO campaign is relevant, valuable content. Without it, any effort will be in vain. By writing articles about your practice area, whether it be analysis of opinions in court, tips for investors or basic information about commercial litigation you need to demonstrate that you are in fact legitimate. SEO is basically the practice of building your digital credibility.

Do not just slap together a blog post for the sake of it. You want your content to mean something to humans and search engine robots. If you write for the general public (target audience), the rest will fall into place. To write exclusively for search engine bots puts you at risk of developing poor habits such as keyword abuse. At the very least, when someone reads your article with the intent on learning something, they may be discouraged if the articles sole purpose was to mention keywords.

If you don’t have the time generate original meaningful content, you will have to invest in your business by contracting a web agency or copywriter to do it for you. Writing articles does require time and resources so carefully evaluate which you can spare.

Over time as you publish consistently, you’ll build up a history, this is what boosts your credibility with the algorithms. Essentially, the Search Engine is recommending a web page to it’s users. The more established and legitimate the web page is, the higher the chance it is recommended. Over time this is how you climb the ranks….