Start Up Law Firm Tips – About Us Page

Do you really need an about us page? After all, you already have an attorney biography page and a landing page introducing visitors to your firm, so what more does this add to your website?

Won’t it seem a bit redundant to have an about us page?

Well, it depends on the content within the about us page. Whether or not you want an about us page is up to you. About us pages have been pretty common in law firm website designs, and these pages serve as a staple to get your visitor to learn more about the firm. If you think about it, the landing page simply introduces your firm and services to the visitor. The landing page can be thought of as an online handshake. You’ve just met the visitor and you’re simply undergoing polite social formalities.

The attorney biography page doesn’t introduce or tell your visitors anything about your firm either. Think of your bio page as a resume or even an online social profile. Visitors will simply browse your credentials and determine whether or not to contact you. While your attorney bio page may list your credentials and a brief snippet about yourself, it does nothing to elaborate on your services, just your capabilities.

The attorney bio page and the landing page both contain aspects of an about us page, but they both fail in communicating and elaborating on your services or the firm. It’s true that the about us page is completely optional to include, but it has been pretty common in lawyer website designs for a reason.

Your about us page allows you to elaborate on what your landing page and attorney bio page summarize. You can introduce your staff and services and write in a less formal voice. You can explain how your firm came to be and the type of clientele you seek to help. Your about us page can even be a short biography on your firm. The only requirement of an about us page is to write about yourself.