Responsive Personal Injury Law Attorney Website Design

Responsive Personal Injury Law Attorney Website Design. In this design, the strong descriptions aligned on the left side of the website really counter-balances the mallet on the right side of the screen. Ideally, you want to make sure that those who enter your website are intrigued and curious about what you have to say from the very first second they see your homepage. With the variety of sizes and colors of the fonts, it is visually exciting to look at. However, it doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with too much information.

While the website naturally draws the viewer’s eyes to the top of the website, the green fonts highlight what else is of importance. The practice areas are listed in a place where viewers won’t have to scroll around to see if you can be of use to them. Viewers are usually researching for a specific lawyer in a certain practice area, so if you are fitting their needs, it would make sense for them to stick around and look around to what you have to offer. They can even click onto the various practice areas to be led to more information about that specific practice area.

And when they enter another page, they will be able to track down what part of the website they are at. The section they are at-will turn green on the top right banner where there is a listed map of what your website includes.

Of course, there is a direct link to get to contact information, so those who want to reach out to you can click it easily and attain all the information they need about your law office including a map of your location, address, phone number, and email. Why not be a little bold and catch your prospective clients with this unique design?