Oregon Driving Offense Lawyer

Most people who live in Oregon are not aware of how extreme driving offense convictions can be.

Most of Oregon’s driving offenses and driving licensure cases involve many complications and consequences including suspensions and revocation of the ability to drive. Other offenders have to serve community service hours, and many fines depending on severity of the case.

The attorneys of MJM Law office fight aggressively to protect your driving rights. You will get the time you deserve to help fully explain your case in detail so that we can do our best to keep your license and minimize charges and penalties.


Criminally negligent homicide
Assault (if you hit someone with your car, or a passenger is hurt in a DUI/DWI/DUII)
Hit & Run (felony & misdemeanor)
Attempting to elude police
Driving while on a suspended license
Driving while license is revoked
Reckless driving
Reckless endangerment
Reckless endangering
Unlawful use of a motor vehicle (stealing a car)

If you are accused of a driving offense or licensure crime your freedom to drive is at stake. Call MJM Law Office, P.C. to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Eugene, Oregon.

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