New Rochelle Child Custody Lawyers Website

During a divorce, the hardest part for the parties involved and the child is dealing with child custody.

Child custody is a very sensitive subject and can lead to strong disagreements between spouses. The fighting can be very traumatic for a child going through a parental divorce so it is imperative to make the process as easy as possible.

The court takes many things into consideration when deciding the outcome in this type of family matter. The benefit of the child or children involved is always the most important aspect, however details about the parents and the marriage are taken into consideration. Some factors that will be considered in a child custody case include:

• The wishes of the child
• The past family situation
• Involvement of both parents in the past
• Any presence of alcohol or drugs
• The best interest of the child
• The positive and negative affects of each arrangement

Legally, the divorced parents are required to attend mediation if they both want custody of their child. During this process, the parents are able to discuss thoroughly about their concerns and goals regarding the child. Often times, the mediator will be a neutral party who maintains a civil and productive mediation.

Both parties will be able to successfully draft a parenting agreement together that is benefits each other with the help of a lawyer. By having an attorney who is experienced, you will be able to make sure that the focus is placed on your child’s needs.